My painting subjects are either abstract or landscape. I love the connection I have between a blank canvas and me, the journey each piece takes is truely unique, the creative process is all consuming and I love it. I work on several pieces at one time allowing the work to evolve and direct itself naturally, a sense of searching through the paint to find the painting.

Most recently I have been concentrating on the landscape as my subject, using acrylic paint on canvas, built by several layers of paint with glazes, finishing with drawing media. I am interested in the atmosphere of a landscape and how it can emerge through a foggy or misty air or how the sunlight can alter a sky's colour so dramatically. I am particularly interested with the worked landscape, a landscape carved by people always reminds me of a patchwork quilt, the shapes lines and colours are inspiring.  I work from photos and gradually allow the painting to evolve through the creative process in an impressionistic style, using a sgraffito method, which for me correlates with the worked landscape.

In my abstract paintings I use fluid acrylics and acrylic pens on watercolour paper, again a layering process which is guided very much by the marks that are made one after the other and my response to them to find the balance and rhythm, I am most interested in the expressive nature of this work, a true reflection of my feelings in that specific moment.


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